• Charlie Ko

    Tim and the rest of the folks at KMC have demonstrated the utmost of professionalism and friendliness over the past 9 years that I've been a client. The number of custom projects and routine maintenance numbers several dozen at this point. For me alone, they've produced customized work that's spanned BMW's, Porsches, and even a classic Mustang that was essentially a bare-metal restoration/modification spanning 2 years. That project was a labor of love that I would trust to very few. Tim and his crew made sure it was exactly what I wanted. If it wasn't, he did everything humanly possible to make it perfect.

    I trust his crew enough that I sent my parents to KMC to perform maintenance on their cars. In times when integrity is becoming scarcer, and professionalism harder to find, KMC is an oasis. Also, if you like cool cars, be sure to stop by their shop and see what projects are brewing in each of the bays. You'll enjoy the time spent.

  • Pete D

    In describing KMC Performance to someone, I often say "one could perform surgery in there". This of course is a strange way to consider a car shop - until you see it. KMC is a dreamland any car enthusiast can appreciate. It is extremely clean, organized, very bright and frequently filled with high-powered super cars, and purpose built track cars.

    I am probably an a-typical customer of KMC as my car has 200-HP and is from the 80's. However, no matter who I am dealing with at KMC - Tim, Dave, Edwin or Jason, I feel like I am a regular there. They share my enthusiasm for my car and genuinely take an interest in my plans with it.

    I encourage anyone with a custom fabrication project, need for race prep,questions on what it takes to own a super/track car, or those whom welcome an anal level of attention to detail from a highly skilled, knowledgeable group of craftsmen to visit KMC. You'll be impressed by the shop and pleased to learn the people working on your car care as much about it as you.

  • J Barry

    I have had an incredibly positive experience with KMC and all that work I have had done there. They have maintained my M Coupe for the past year. I have worked with both Tim and Dave in the past, they are great mechanics who stand by their work they've treated each of my cars with the same level of care and thoroughness. KMC has completely sorted out all of the issues with my M coupe that previous mechanics were not able to. They have always acted in the most professional manner when working on my car and with me, their customer service is outstanding. Everything I have asked of them has been done; I have not yet had a single issue with any of the work performed by KMC. I will continue to bring my cars there for service and I have recommended them too many. KMC offers an incredible amount of knowledge and service; they are the only garage that will service my cars.

  • Chris Clifford

    I was referred to Kachel by a neighbor a couple of years ago and I would rate every visit as excellent. I bought a 1984 Porsche Carrera three years ago and the car needed some sorting out. After having work done by several other local Porsche mechanics I settled on Kachel for several reasons. They're very knowledgeable about the cars they work on, they listen to what you want to accomplish and help to develop a plan and they're fairly priced. I've had great success with Kachel and would highly recommend them.