• Roger Cassin

    I highly recommend Tim and the team at Kachel Motor Company. I am currently having Tim restore my 2006 Noble M400. I have had it since new, and it was pretty well beat up after more that 100 track days with expedient road/race repairs by various Noble shops from Maine to Florida. Tim's work includes repairs, updates, and fabrication including a new custom exhaust system, along with other mod's to put the car in better shape than the day I acquired it. KMC's attention to detail and quality of workmanship is unparalleled and the fact that they have an in-house dynomometer is important for tuning the competition cars. Because I like their attitude, workmanship, and feel fairly treated; I now bring my street cars to Kachel Motors as well. Tim recently did the brakes on my 2007 Bentley Continental GT at a substantial savings from what it would have cost at the dealer. And finally when I wanted to sell my 2002 Ferrari 575, Kachel Motors freshened it up at a very reasonable cost to me. So much so that I netted more than I originally expected. If you care about your cars and your own peace of mind; I wholeheartedly recommend Tim and his colleagues at KMC.

  • Charles Kenney

    If you are looking for top quality service and honest people to work on your car, then look no further than Kachel Motor Company in Lawrence, Mass. KMC goes the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with their work. Phone calls and emails are returned promptly and they even provide a loaner car. Some hospitals envy KMC's shop floor it's so clean and ship-shape. Having KMC at track events shows they understand their clientele, and are onsite to lend a hand if needed.

  • John Kaufmann

    I drive a top-of-the line Porsche that sees a lot of track time. I depend on KMC to perform frequent service and maintenance to keep the car performing at its best on the track. The guys are totally honest and trustworthy, and they are meticulous in the work they do. On the track, I have complete trust in the mechanical soundness of the car and my safety in the car, which is perhaps the most important consideration. I don't trust anyone else to work on the car any more.

  • Gordon Mackey

    I have nothing but good things to say about Tim and his team at Kachel Motors. I was referred to them when my former mechanic told me my Audi's engine was going to seize and recommended I quickly sell the car. Tim, after listening carefully to the details I shared, correctly surmised that it may just a code error and wanted to run some additional tests. It turned out the engine was fine and I've been getting my car serviced there ever since. The only downside is that you'll be completely distracted by the various porches, ferraris, etc.