Dyno Cell

Superflow Autodyn 30 2wd Chassis Dynamometer

In 2011 KMC decided to install a state of the art Superflow Autodyn 30 2wd chassis dynamometer. We reached a point that we found it necessary to invest in this piece of equipment that would take us to the next level. Some of the key features on our dyno allow us to follow proper break in procedures on a rebuilt engine in a controlled environment. We also perform vigorous testing before track events and measure WHP and WTQ before and after modifications. What is very unique to our Dyno is the eddy current feature, this allows for us to add a load to the vehicles drive-train to simulate road force. Our cell is positioned over a service pit which allows for us to keep a very close eye on both top and bottom of the vehicle. Please call or email us for pricing and availability.